“We believe that a good, fulfilling life starts from the inside out.”

That’s why we created Healthy by Nature. Our mission is to support your journey towards realizing a healthy and happy mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to create healthy, clean, effective nutritional supplements and to provide you with helpful content that will inform, encourage, and inspire you to reach your potential. When we are living a healthful, joyful, and fulfilling life, we inspire others to do the same!

The Healthy By Nature team formed rather organically: a network of Appalachian-area friends who happened to be supplement experts, herbalists, writers, health practitioners and passionate health advocates.

We all agreed that every aspect of life is bolstered by core health that allows us to live boldly.

  • Mark Williams healthy by nature supplements owner

    Mark Williams, Founder & CEO

    Accidental businessman with a MS in Psychology, certified NLP Practitioner, and a background in EFT and mindfulness. Passionate practitioner of natural health, travel junkie, hiker, lover & player of all music from Kirtan to the Kinks ... on a mission to empower people through nutrition and healthy living. Dog-dad of Ru (see below).

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  • Dr. Sumithra Nadarajah, Functional Medicine/Holistic Healthcare Consultant

    M.B.B.S., Certified Health Coach (IIN), Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN), Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (FMU) focusing on nutrition, physical activity, emotional stresses & eliminating toxins. Living room pianist, meditator, nature enthusiast, and loves tinkering around in the kitchen making delicious nutritious smoothies, juices, and experimenting with new recipes.

  • Steven Jackson, Creator of Things

    Digital marketer, content creator, hiker, songwriter at Brighter Things, former bass player in Mark's high school punk band, Jack's Brat :)

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  • Sybel Joy Customer Service Healthy by Nature

    Sybel Joy, Customer Service / Product & Data Analyst

    Violinist, dreamer, avid reader, mom of 25 cats, loves anime and cosplay, loves nature and the healing it brings.

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  • Ru, Active Lifestyle Contributor

    Four-legged, trail running Aussie-Border-Collie, stick fetcher, lover of all things with a beating heart ... lapping up the mountain life.

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Generous By Nature

We believe everyone deserves access to high quality nutrition. By donating our time, products and financial resources, we proudly support organizations such as Bounty & Soul, a community-based non-profit providing access to fresh produce and wellness education for everyone.

Holding Nature in High Regard

Healthy By Nature begins its health and vitality supplements by asking, first, "what answers does nature hold?" Through extensive research and expert collaboration, we develop (and curate) core health solutions to improve energy, gut health, immunity, mental health ... to reduce brain fog, fatigue, and blind dependence on western medicine.

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What Inspires Us?

The Appalachian Mountains

Astounding biodiversity, inspirational energy. Both hallmarks of the Blue Ridge Mountains. These are awe-inspiring lands that have long been known for an abundance of healing herbs, for folk wisdom, and for the incredible outdoor recreation that all make us feel more alive.

Tell us what inspires you!