How Long Should I Take Zeolite for Detox? What About Dosing?

We're always asked: "How long should I take Zeolite for detox from heavy metals and toxins?"

We sat down with Zeolite expert Micah Portney (from ZEO HEALTH) to pose the question and others that our readers ask most.

Zeolite detox is more gentle and thorough than other methods. Be patient.

While there's no exact amount of time a person should take Zeolite clinoptilolite for detoxification, Portney says, "We say to take zeolite for a minimum of 90 days. Everyone has different levels of toxicity and releases those toxins and heavy metals at different rates." He says sometimes a person needs 120 days before turning to a less potent regimen he calls a "maintenance level."

Create a baseline of symptoms to review after 90 days

Portney suggests writing down all of the things you're wanting to see changes in ... the ways you're not feeling well ... to use as a baseline for comparison after 30/60/90/120 days.

The amount of Zeolite you're taking certainly affects length of time you need to take it for results too.

So, what about dosing guidelines for a Zeolite detox for heavy metals, environmental toxins, chemical exposure etc?

Portney suggests a resource that's used often in recommending therapeutic dosing for symptoms and even breaks it down to product-types. Dr. Howard Peiper publishes recommendations "based on use with his patients over 20 years and the published scientific studies in the US Library of Medicine," says Portney.


What happens when I take Zeolite with or without food?

"The body processes it like food," Portney explains. "So you can take it with or without food. It also doesn't matter if you take it with supplements or without.

What about Zeolite interactions with medicines?

"There are not many known interactions with zeolite as far as medications are concerned," he says. "You should probably talk to a pharmacist to double check, but usually it's only something like heavy-metal-based (medicines)." He explained they could be less effective if Zeolite absorbed their heavy metals but says a "very limited amount of medicines are heavy-metal based."

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