What is "Activated" Zeolite?

Hate to bore you but ... it's "Activated Zeolite" is just a buzz word 

We sat down with Zeolite expert Micah Portney (from ZEO HEALTH) to pose the question and others that our readers ask most.

What do people mean when they say that their Zeolite products contain "activated zeolite"?

Mr. Portney describes the term as "creative marketing." "Basically, when we micronize Zeolite it creates a broad surface structure. That broader surface allows more of that negative charge to act as a magnet." 

Zeolite works by attractive positively charged toxins and heavy metals

When Zeolite is created, it has a natural negative charge and a cage-like structure that allows it to attract toxins and trap them in that cage so they can be removed from the body without re-exposing the body to those toxins. (That re-exposure is often what feels like "detox side effects" when using other forms of detox.)

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