What is Zeolite Clinoptilolite? Where does it come from?

A Zeolite detox is natural, gentle and thorough. But what is Zeolite and where does it come from?

We sat down with Zeolite expert Micah Portney (from ZEO HEALTH) to pose the question and others that our readers ask most.

Volcanic lava reacts with sea water to create this unique element

The chemical reaction between lava and the sodium in sea water, says Portney, "creates a cage-like structure and a negative charge." This unique structure is key to attracting toxins, that are positively charged. The micronized zeolite works like a magnet in the body, attracting heavy metals and toxins, trapping them inside their "cage," and then ... allowing them to be removed without re-exposing the body to those toxins.

Since Zeolites are ancient, they must now be mined. RESPONSIBLY.


Though Zeolite is created at the point where lava flows meet sea water, these stores of Zeolite, of course, wind up underground after thousands of years. To reach them, they are mined (hopefully from a source with 90%+ purity and with oversight that ensures there's no contamination) before being micronized so they can move through the body to attract and remove toxins and heavy metals.

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