What is Zeolite? How Does it Work for Full Body Detox?

Zeolite is used for natural full-body detox from heavy metals. But how does Zeolite work?

We sat down with Zeolite expert Micah Portney (from ZEO HEALTH) to pose the question and others that our readers ask most.

How Zeolite works (in simple terms) for full body detox:

"Zeolite is a volcanic mineral," says Portney. "It's formed when lava and volcanic ash have a chemical reaction with the sodium in seawater. It creates a cage-like structure that's almost like a beehive. And it has little pockets and segments and it creates a natural negative charge, which actually, in your body, acts like a magnet to pull heavy metals and toxins out of the cells and then into the cage."

How does Zeolite remove heavy metals and toxins? (and are there side effects like with other harsh detox methods?)

"Regular natural detoxifiers don't have a way of being carried out of the body, so they create side effects. And so a lot of people who even understand or talk about detox always say that there's side effects. However, with Zeolite, when it pulls the toxins and heavy metals out of the cells, it actually traps them in the cage so the body is not re-exposed to these toxins and heavy metals and therefore there are less chances of having any side effects.

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