What Toxins Does Zeolite Remove from the Body?

People often associated Zeolite detox with heavy metals, but what else does Zeolite remove from the body?

We sat down with Zeolite expert Micah Portney (from ZEO HEALTH) to pose the question and others that our readers ask most.

Mr. Portney began with a surprising lesson on the history of Zeolite supplementation

Portney explains that Zeolite was used before it was an actual supplement by the Russians in Chernobyl. "They fed it to the townspeople and the children, as well as the animals such as cows, to try and remove the radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear accident. And they were the first to use it with humans."

Zeolite has a history of detoxing from radiation exposure, but it's not a "one trick pony."

"Besides radioactivity," says Portney, "It also removes toxins and heavy metals ... pesticides. It's not just a one trick pony, which people should understand. Not only does it detoxify toxins and heavy metals, and there's less chances of side effects."

Zeolite is an alkaline mineral. Why does that matter?

"Our bodies are over 80% water," Portney explains. "If you've ever seen a swimming pool with the pH out of balance, the pool turns green and all sorts of things start growing in it."

What do you think happens when our pH is out of balance and nothing works properly? 

Toxins and heavy metals, pH being out of balance—all can come across as symptoms of other diseases. And by removing these things, it's really the foundation of good health because you're really getting an understanding of what your body's dealing with.

Balancing pH & detoxing with Zeolite can reveal the truth about disease

If you balance pH and get rid of foreign cells that thrive in acidity ... then remove the toxins and heavy metals which compromise your immune system, "you are allowing your bodies to function the way they were designed ... and then you'll be able to see if there's any real issues.

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