What's the best form of Zeolite for detox?

What is the best form of Zeolite for detox?

We sat down with Zeolite expert Micah Portney (from ZEO HEALTH) to pose the question and others that our readers ask most.

Zeolite is a big ol' family of minerals

There are 100s of forms of Zeolites Portney explained. "The form that we chose was Clinoptilolite." He said universities were studying Mordenite and Clinoptilolite because they were both showing benefits for detox in humans. "However, the Mordenite actually had a crystalline structure," says Portney. "And we believe that after taking it over long term, it would wear down the esophageal and stomach linings and it might create issues later on.

Clinoptilolite is the clear winner for Zeolite detox

"Clinoptilolite is not crystalline. And so we used that form to specifically go with to make sure that it could be used on a long term basis without negative side effects."

But all Clinoptilolite is not created equal

Portney lays out an example: "If you have spring water and you have swamp water, both are still water. Which would you rather drink? Same thing with Clinoptilolite Zeolite: There are commercial uses for it and there's very low purity levels of that as well.

Be careful to choose verifiably pure Zeolite

Portney says there have been some (MLM) companies that were initially sued by their distributors for using Zeolite that was only 50% purity. He suggested only using Zeolite that is 90%+ and confirmed by an expert lab. "Ours is 94%," he says. (He later explained what purity means in regard to Zeolite)

What about bang for your buck?

Micah explained that while capsules and liquid suspension Zeolite products are great for convenience and for adding other beneficial ingredients such as B12, D3, Humic Acid etc ... the Pure Zeolite Powder is the most economical and most powerful for detoxing from heavy metals, environmental toxins etc.

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