Why you should Eat a Volcano:

Now that I have your attention, and now that the lava has cooled (thousands of years ago actually) let's talk about why you should Eat a Volcano.

More specifically:
Why you should take Zeolite Clinoptilolite for detox and full body cleanse. Zeolite Clinoptilolite is a big crazy word, but basically it's what happened when volcanic lava reacted with sea water a long, long time ago. 

Why should you care?
Zeolite is Mother Nature's natural cleanser and detoxifier.

  1. It's negatively charged honeycomb structure attracts and surrounds toxins to be removed from the body.
  2. It's used in powder, liquid and capsule form for natural, gentle detox.
  3. It's not just about heavy metal detox and removing environmental toxins from the body: the benefits of detox are less brain fog (more clarity) • less fatigue (more energy) • Support for digestion and gut health • pH balancing & immune support

How can you get Zeolite in your daily detox diet and routine?

  1. Powder: HolyLand Zeolite powder offers the most economical and powerful way to detox.
  2. Liquid: Our Zetox liquid suspension offers a minty flavored, easier-to-take daily dose for maintenance plus added D3 and B12 for immunity, energy.
  3. Capsule: Try Royal Detox featuring a zeolite+cilantro, chlorella, apple pectin, spirulina blend OR Pure Powder capsules for maximum potency on-the-go

Bonus Points:

  1. Add zeolite powder to a greens + antioxidant smoothies for maximum energy and cleanse
  2. Try a "Thin Mint-y" super detox tea with Mint or Chocolate tea and a drop of Zetox liquid zeolite suspension

However, you make zeolite products part of your detox regimen, just be glad we've already sourced zeolite clinoptilolite from the purest sources. It's been further purified in the United States and 3rd party tested. All so you can ... eat a volcano without the pricey airfare and the clawing at the earth for your daily dose :)