Thanks Humans. Now Daily Detox is a Necessity.

Gone are the days when detoxing was just for someone needing chelation after chemo. The person knowingly exposed to lead paint ... someone with a diagnosed parasite ... These days, our bodies are relentlessly inundated with harmful toxins, and detox cleanses are now necessary for anyone who values good health.

Environmental chemicals are chemical compounds or chemical elements present in air, water, food, soil, dust, or other consumer products.

According to the CDC, currently, more than 400 environmental chemicals or their metabolites are measured in human samples (e.g. urine, blood, serum, breast milk, and meconium). 

In fact, if you read the extensive " National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals" report by the CDC, you'll understand immediately why a daily detox routine could help cleanse your system from a staggering amount of everyday exposure.

The Double-Edged Sword

We all know, exercise and a nutritious diet is the first way to stay healthy. But what about the air that contains all that healthy oxygen. If we refer back to the report, we see that it's also filled with contaminants. The food ... well, we all understand how hard it is to only consume clean, organic, non-GMO food everywhere you go. And don't even get us started on what everyday stress does to the brain!

How to create a detox lifestyle:

It all depends on the time and energy you can dedicate to the process. There are many detox diets and supplements but the experts agree that these steps are important parts of an integrated approach to full body detox.

  1. Cut down or stop the alcohol. Obviously, alcohol is poisonous to multiple organ systems and doesn't do you any favors in the toxin department. But it can be difficult. Try substituting with a metabolism-boosting Water/Lemon/Mint concoction on the rocks to recreate the ritual without the downside.

  2. Focus on Balanced Nutrition. This one takes time and practice but, clearly, eating a diet high in organic fruits and vegetables (washed thoroughly) is a great start. Note: we're talking balanced diet here: This, of course, differs from many plans that suggest massive quantities of teas and juices and restrictive diets that can cause imbalances do more harm than good. Best bet here is plant-based proteins or meats low in Mercury plus organic, non-GMO grains etc. And, for goodness sake, avoid highly processed foods. (Looking at you gas station cookies :)

  3. Drink More Water. Can't emphasize this enough. DRINK MORE WATER. A tried-and-true method for boosting your intake is to make a water bottle part of your have-to-have items like wallet, phone, keys. Don't leave home (or sit at your desk) without it! This glass water bottle cheers you on >

  4. Sweat it out. Most of us hate this one. But think of your body as a bucket that fills with good stuff and bad stuff. Now imaging there's a drain hole for the toxins. That drain system is your liver, kidneys and skin—all working overtime get rid of environmental toxins, heavy metals etc. You can give them all a boost with exercise and breaking a good sweat. Plus, you'll have more energy. Win-win. 

  5. Get your vitamin Zssssssss. We all want more sleep but we usually do a poor job of prioritizing it. But the newest science suggests that when your brain goes night-night, the Glymphatic System gets to work detoxing the cells in your brain?! Go read this article and be amazed at the power of sleep and cellular-level cleanse!

  6. Reduce Stress. We often forget that stress and anxiety are as toxic to our systems as more tangible toxic chemicals! Reducing stressors is easier said than done, but all the steps above are perfect jumpstarts to reducing stress. Exercise, diet, sleep, water ... all work to balance your emotional response. And, of course, a daily meditation routine can help with you fine tune your response (or non-response) to toxic inputs. Try Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for a life-changing approach to dealing with stress. Get the best book on MBSR >

  7. Minimize Toxic Exposure. Avoid BPA, phthalates in plastics, parabens in cosmetics and solvents. And you know, don't be afraid to bust out your N95 mask when working or exercising around obvious environmental toxins in the air!

  8. Add a GENTLE daily detox supplement to your regimen. Unlike harsh cleanses (think coffee colonics etc) that can be, well ... kinda ... sh*tty. There are several zeolite-based daily detox supplements designed for longer-term maintenance of a cleansed system. Try Zetox liquid suspension for an actually good-tasting daily cleanse or Royal Detox for a gentle heavy metal detox with zeolite + well-known detoxifiers such as chlorella, cilantro, spirulina and apple pectin.

The JUMPstart Detox Cleanse:

The steps above are perfect for maintaining a detoxed state. But many of us need a stronger (but still gentle and safe) initial cleanse due to years of toxic buildup, some physiological dispositions and work/home exposure.

That's where a higher-dose, powdered, zeolite clinoptilolite supplement makes the most sense. (It's also usually a better value in quantity). Used as directed, HolyLand Zeolite powder is an ultra-pure flavorless detox cleanse using Mother Nature's negatively-charged, cage-like-structured zeolite to attract, surround and help eliminate toxins in the body. 


A full-body detox doesn't have to look like an out-of-body experience hovering over a toilet, starving yourself, or drinking so much tea and juice you wind up rebounding with 19 BigMacs and colas. Through an easy, but comprehensive, routine of mindful practices to keep your body free of toxic buildup, you can realize more energy, less brain fog, more clarity better sleep, gastrointestinal optimization and a more active lifestyle.